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Let’s Clear Things Up: Chronic Sinusitis

You know that feeling, when your nose is so stuffed that you feel like your head is filled with wet cotton, your thoughts seem foggy and every breath is a burning struggle? Well, multiply that by ten, and you get chronic sinusitis.

What causes this case of the perpetual sniffles? Well that’s the big question.

An article by Inofei Chen, “When Sinus Problems Won’t Go Away,” published in The New York Times in 2011, explored the different theories explaining chronic sinusitis that have emerged over the last couple of years.

Clarification: sinusitis does not equal chronic sinusitis. Sinusitis is a short-term condition that lasts for a couple of weeks, and is usually caused by an infection.

But in millions of cases, boring old sinusitis can become recurrent, and drag on for weeks, months, even years – chronic sinusitis.  For a full list of symptoms, click here.

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